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For more than 100 years, Melbourne Legacy has delivered on the promise to help the families of those who have lost their life or

health in service to their country in the Defence Force.

How Do We Help?

We offer a range of services and programs specifically designed to empower and support the families of veterans to build

a sustainable future, when they need it most.

Peer-Support and navigation within the Ex-Service Community

There is a whole community of professionals and peers ready to lend you a hand.

Together, let’s build your support team and help you find:

  • mental health supports
  • housing and accommodation options
  • Alternative therapies and Allied Health services
  • opportunities for upskilling and employment.

Wellbeing Support

Melbourne Legacy’s long-term case management support services are delivered by a team of professionals and applied through

a psychosocial model of assessment. Our dedicated team of social care workers and mental health professionals act as

connectors, linking individuals with essential services and resources tailored to your unique needs.

Legatee Support

Core to the spirit of Legacy are our dedicated volunteer Legatees, who are trained in Mental Health First Aid, and work alongside

our professional staff to provide invaluable one-on-one companionship to you and your family, making sure you feel understood

and supported.

Pensions Advocacy

We provide professional guidance to support you to access any entitlements you may have through the Department of Veterans’

Affairs (DVA), offering advocacy and assistance throughout the entire claims process.

Financial Counselling

We can provide comprehensive financial counselling services, tailored to your needs, which aim to build your financial literacy

skills and empower you to achieve financial stability and long-term financial independence. We can also provide funding for

essential items that are not otherwise funded by government or other community support networks, to bridge the gap while you

get on your feet again.

Education and Development

We are committed to improving the educational and social well-being of the children of veterans by linking families with support

for uniform, textbooks and technology requirements from schools, camps, after-school programs, and tutoring. We also provide

invaluable support, advocacy, and mentorship for those pursuing higher education, fostering opportunities for personal and

professional growth.

Youth Camps

Melbourne Legacy’s structured and supervised youth camps are delivered through professional third-party providers with

expertise in outdoor activities specifically designed for children and young people aged 8 to 17. These camps serve as a platform

for improving social connections and peer support, building resilience and leadership skills, and providing much-needed respite

for parents. Additionally, these unique opportunities allow children to develop skills alongside their peers who are familiar with the

complexities of having a parent who has lost their life or health in service to our country.


You are not alone!

Our programs aim to alleviate social isolation by helping you build connections and companionship in secure and nurturing

environments, emphasizing the importance of engaging with your community.


Melbourne Legacy is committed to addressing isolation and alienation among our beneficiaries through the establishment of

supportive networks such as Widows’ Clubs and supporting with transport costs associated with accessing appointments and


Family Days

Families with young children are encouraged to attend a family day down at the zoo or at one of our local community spaces, as

these events provide a vital opportunity to forge connections with others who share similar experiences.

Beneficiaries with a disability

Legacy provides six program days throughout the year to combat social isolation for our beneficiaries with a disability. Featuring

diverse activities such as classic car rides, art therapy, and magic shows, these events foster social interaction and a sense of

belonging. Melbourne Legacy covers participants’ transportation costs, promoting inclusivity and engagement.

Are you Eligible?

Every beneficiary is different, and so all support provided is personalised and tailored to your individual needs, and based on a

deep understanding of your financial and psychosocial situation.

In determining eligibility for Melbourne Legacy services, proof of service, proof of capacity and proof of relationship must be


Proof of Service

Potential beneficiaries will need to provide proof of the veteran’s operational service with one or more of the following


  • Discharge Certificate
  • Operations Log
  • Service Record
  • PMKeys Print out
  • Inscribed Medals
  • Name on DVA Nominal Roll
  • DVA White or Gold Card
  • Receipt of Service pension Online MyService service summary

In some cases, the evidence may not be conclusive. If staff or Legatees are unsure, seek advice from the Veteran Liaison Officer

(VLO) for clarification.

In some exceptional circumstances, benefits may be available to the dependant of a deceased or incapacitated veteran whose

service is accepted by the Beneficiary Wellbeing Committee as equivalent to service in a war or operational area.

Proof of Incapacity

In order to meet this criteria, prospective beneficiaries must present one or more of the below as evidence of the veteran’s


  • DVA Gold Card,
  • White Card with Online MyService summary of accepted conditions,
  • A claim in progress with DVA,
  • Proof of Medical Discharge,
  • Formal diagnosis letter from a treating medical professional, or
  • Class A or B CSC Pension.

Proof of Relationship

Once eligibility of the veteran has been verified, the relationship of the Bereaved Partner, Partner, Child, Young Person or Kin

Carer needs to be established.

For a Bereaved Partner, Partner or Kin Carer, this involves developing an understanding of the length and type of relationship,

how household duties were/are shared, how others view the relationship, provision of personal care and domestic support, and if

relevant, details of a commitment to a shared life.

For a Child or a Young Person, this involves understanding familial ties, financial dependence and/or how their social, emotional,

or financial wellbeing has been impacted by a veteran who has done operational service and has given their health or life.

Considerations that may indicate eligibility include:

  • Death Certificate,
  • Marriage Certificate,
  • Birth Certificate,
  • Joint Bank Accounts,
  • Proof of domestic situation,
  • Joint property,
  • Joint Utility Accounts,; or
  • Statutory Declaration

Melbourne Legacy will continue to support eligible Bereaved Partners and their dependants with Legacy benefits as required,

regardless of whether they re-marry.

Beneficiaries with Disabilities

If a beneficiary has a permanent and significant disability that affects their ability to complete everyday activities, Melbourne

Legacy will support them for life. Melbourne Legacy considers a permanent and significant disability one that impacts the ability

to work or study, and/or one that substantially reduces the functional capacity to undertake one or more of the following


  • Moving around,
  • Communication,
  • Socialising,
  • Learning, or
  • Undertaking self-care or self-management tasks.

To meet the disability requirements, we must have evidence that the disability is caused by at least one of the impairments


  • Intellectual – such as how you speak and listen, read and write, solve problems, and process and remember information,
  • Cognitive – such as how you think, learn new things, use judgment to make decisions, and pay attention,
  • Neurological – such as how your body functions,
  • Sensory – such as how you see or hear, or
  • Physical – such as the ability to move parts of your body.

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