Disability Services


Recreation Days are designed to provide meaningful engagement and social connection for participants in a safe setting with the support of trained staff.

The program offers a wide choice of creative engagements that allow for the rekindling of old skills or interests, learning through new experiences and the building of confidence and independence.

Some of the Recreation Days previously run have included bowling, a classic car ride day, a magic show, a disco day and an ANVAM sponsored art engagement workshop where participants were able to experience collaging images, drawing, clay crafting, oil and water pastel painting, stencil-making and soft block printing.

Outcomes of programs include:

  • Enhancement of participants’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Enhancement of social skills and the ability to engage in social relationships.


The Melbourne Legacy team can provide beneficiaries with a disability support through:

  • Case Management

  • Advocacy
  • Referrals to other services and organisations

  • Welfare checks

  • Financial assistance

  • Referral to the NDIS

  • Linking in support from Legatees

Financial Assistance

Melbourne Legacy may be able to provide financial assistance in certain situations to eligible Legacy Beneficiaries. Some examples include:

  • Emergency house repairs or maintenance
  • Assistance in accessing Allied Health Services
  • Mobility Aids

  • Accessing vision and hearing services

  • Funding for Pharmacy Prescription Items

  • Essential white goods (fridge, washing machine, dryer, heater)

  • Emergency food vouchers (Coles Supermarkets)

  • Assistance with transport to medical appointments