Start a Gratitude Jar


CHANGE YOUR LIFE…START A GRATITUDE JAR Having a gratitude jar has proven benefits, it opens doors to relationships, as well as improving health, sleep, self-esteem and mental strength. The mind tends to find the negatives easier than it finds the positives. A gratitude jar is a simple way to change the way you view your life. [...]

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ANZAC Student Commemoration


Melbourne Legacy’s annual ANZAC Commemoration Ceremony For Students is a traditional event that has spanned decades. This year, marking the 88th Commemorative Ceremony, over three and half thousand students gathered at the Shrine of Remembrance to honour the sacrifices made by the brave men and women who have served our country. Receiving a sprig of [...]

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Melbourne Legacy Club Revue


Legacy has a long and proud tradition of developing programs specifically designed to enrich the lives of the children and young people under its care. From the 1920s through to the late 1970s, Melbourne Legacy would provide classes for junior legatees in dancing, gymnastics and eurythmics - a form of timed movement to improvised music, [...]

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