After the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award (LJPSA) came to a halt in 2020, much like all events around the world as a result of the global pandemic, we are hopeful and excited to be able to commence the 32nd Anniversary of the LJPSA in Victoria in 2021.

The LJPSA competition began back in Melbourne in 1988 and commenced as a national competition in 1995. The competition stretches across 7 months, involving several eliminations rounds to reach the finals – including Regional, Preliminary, State Finals, and ultimately, the National Final.

The competition requires students to present a 5-minute ‘Prepared Speech’ and a 2-minute ‘Impromptu Speech’, which is consistent at every stage of the competition. The ‘Prepared Speech’ can be on any topic relating to the ideals of voluntary service, social justice, caring, personal effort, personal sacrifice and/or mateship and the importance of remembrance. The ‘Impromptu Speech’ is to be 2-minutes long, with 5-minutes preparation, of which the Chief Judge chooses the topic given to all students competing on the day.

Photo: 2019’s National Finalists, Alexander and Christina, laying the Legacy Wreath at the Shrine of Remembrance. 

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