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Victorian Veteran Family Services


Victorian Veteran Family Services (VVFS) helps the family members, loved ones and support persons of veterans during the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide


What is VVFS?

VVFS is a service jointly funded by the Victorian Government and Melbourne Legacy to support the veteran community during the Royal Commission.

VVFS eligibility extends further than Melbourne Legacy’s usual beneficiaries and acknowledges the hardships that veteran’s families, loved ones, and support people will face during this time.

Who is eligible?

If you are a family member, loved one or support person of a veteran, you are eligible for VVFS support.

Our mission is to ensure our extended Victorian veteran community is fully supported through this service.

What support can I receive?

What support can I receive?

VVFS encompasses two programs under the leadership of our newly appointed Veteran Liaison Officers (VLOs). Our VLOs have extensive military deployment experience and understand the importance of connection and community, especially in challenging times like this.

The programs offer the following:

  • Individualised support and professional case management.
  • Enhanced wellbeing through peer support, social connection, community engagement, group recreation, and learning new skills.

If you are in need of support or have a general enquiry please refer to the information box below

    Or contact us Monday to Friday 9-5pm at 1800 VET FAM or via email on [email protected]

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