Emergency Financial Assistance

For more than 95 years, Melbourne Legacy has gone the extra mile for our families, widows and beneficiaries.

We started Operation Firewood to help fortify our widows against Melbourne’s notoriously cold winters.

In a time when open fires were the only source of heating to the majority of homes, our dedicated legatees would collect the precious fuel from the Cobram/Yarrawonga region and replenish the woodpiles of our widows, to see them safely through the colder months.

Times have changed, and while wood fires are no longer our primary source of heat, Melbourne Legacy still provides families with emergency financial assistance to help them keep the heat on during winter.

For eligible beneficiaries the minimum support Melbourne Legacy will provide to a family in need is $250 of emergency financial assistance.

This can give families, widows or other beneficiaries who are in crisis immediate relief to help them overcome their challenges.

It can be as simple as money for groceries, school uniforms or a utility payment to keep the heater on, to many these may seem like small obstacles, but to our beneficiaries a little help goes a long way.

Melbourne Legacy knows there is always something WE can do.

Help us conitnue because

There is always something YOU can do.

There is always something YOU can do

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