It’s a Dog’s Life!

Companion and Assistance Dogs can improve the quality of life and provide a positive change for defence families dealing with the effects of physical and mental illness.
These amazing companions are trained to recognise the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The program provides help and practical support to enhance the quality of life for both the dog and the individual.
Saving the lives of many rescued dogs, this program also provides a safe environment for veterans and their families to network, exchange training tips and support one another through tough times.
Sadly, more PTSD Service Dogs are needed, so please help support this worthy cause.

Your generous donation of $7,500 will provide a family in need with their very own PTSD Service Dog.


One of our beneficiaries shared their inspirational story about how ‘Poppy’ a Siberian Husky made a positive change in just 11 weeks. *All images courtesy of Dean Wirth & Catholic Healthcare

“We received Poppy our Siberian Husky 11 weeks ago, she will be 19 weeks old tomorrow. At the moment it is baby steps, as previously I only left the house for my Treating Health Practitioners.

I am now walking her on a regular basis (weather dependant) the walk is just around our block with my Wife Heather. So little steps to begin with and I am sure as we grow and learn together, Poppy will improve my quality of life somewhat. I would highly recommend any veteran that is struggling with their mental health to consider a Service Dog and the opportunity that Legacy provides to assist.

Here are some photos of her, we called her Poppy obviously because of Legacy’s, the Doreen RSL and my service in relationship to the importance of the Poppy, coincidentally Poppy is also a Siberian Girls name.”

Dean, Poppy The Puppy

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