The Path Of The Horse

Horses have an amazing ability to reduce stress and a truly unique capacity to share their empathy with humans.
The Path of the Horse proudly supports veterans, emergency service personnel, and their families to better manage conditions such as PTSD, anxiety and depression.
Your donation of just $1,200 will provide a family in need with 12 equine psychotherapy sessions. These two-hour sessions help families rebuild relationships and reconnect in a therapeutic safe environment. *All images and testimonials courtesy of the Pilgrim family.


One of our Melbourne our Legacy Families have shared their unique experience at The Path of the Horse.

“As a family, we feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have spent time at the Path of the Horse. 

Dean, Jane and Anne were so welcoming from the moment we arrived and made us all feel so very welcome and at ease. 

There’s something really special about Trentham. It’s secluded, the air is clean, it’s really quiet and incredibly peaceful and calming. It’s easy to forget about reality as you become so focussed on the ‘here and now’.  

We did lots of work with the herd, bonding, taking cues from the horses and learning to listen, relax, breathe and let go.

We walked with Dean through the bush to a beautiful, tranquil setting where we talked together as a family and really connected with one another about our thoughts and feelings. 

There was no epiphany, no magic cure. We still came home to face the enormous challenges of PTSD in our lives daily, but it provided us with the opportunity to relaxed, enjoy being together as a family and appreciating the here and now.

 We laughed, we talked, and we connected. We felt valued and accepted for who we are. There was absolutely no judgement, no comparisons and no misconceptions. 

To my surprise, our three children were so focussed they didn’t even check their devices once whilst we were there!”

Kristy, - Mother

“It’s pretty calming up at The Path of the Horse. I got to work with Jesse (Horse) and he really helped to take my mind off the things I was worried about. I met really nice people there and it was a great way to spend time with my family. I felt calmer than usual.”

Lucy, - Aged 9

“I like path of the horse because the people there are really nice and generous. I also like it because the horses give me another mind set to be in, because we have to care for the horses and take them for walk and I really enjoy that.”

Jack, - Aged 14
“The Path of the Horse was a really valuable experience for me. The fact that these rescue horses have been through so much trauma themselves but they still have so much love and compassion to give, amazes me. I felt connected to the horses, to my family and to nature. I felt accepted by Dean and it was relaxing and peaceful.”
Emmer, - Aged 16

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