A Different Kind Of Legacy Week in 2020


Legacy Week is an iconic Australian appeal which was established 78 years ago in 1942 to raise awareness and funds for the families of veterans who had given their lives or their health in service to our country. This year, Legacy Week will take place from August 30 to [...]

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Crafting a Connection


Our lovely widows have been invited to dust off their knitting and crochet needles and brush up on their painting skills with Melbourne Legacy's Pen Pal Craft Program. The program has 3 options to choose from including knitting, crochet and water painting kit. Upon completing their unique pieces, widows [...]

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Empower Veteran’s Families Today


Veterans' families need your support more than ever to help them build self-reliance. In recent months, Melbourne Legacy has experienced double the number of calls from veterans' families in desperate need of assistance. Regardless of what the months ahead hold in [...]

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The Changi Violin


Playing For Their Lives One of Melbourne Legacy’s most unique possessions is somewhat worn violin which belonged POW Roy Arnel.   After Roy’s incarceration in Changi Prison Camp in 1942 a thoughtful Chinese threw it over the wall where he was able to retrieve it, and for the next three and half years it was played in [...]

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