Back in the office!
After nearly a whole year, and what a roller coaster year that was, we are excited to get the team back together again at Legacy House. We are all working together to ensure that all new COVID-19 protocols are being followed to create a safe work environment for all staff such as social distancing measures, hand sanitiser stations located around the office and wearing masks when necessary.

The team
Melbourne Legacy’s workforce is made up of the Community Services Team who support our beneficiaries, Club Services looking after Clubs and Legatees and the Marketing Team who look after all Fundraising and Events, Finance and the executive Chief Operating Officer Ken Tsirigotis and CEO Jo Moloney.

It is worth noting that team members Karen and Brett have worked for Melbourne Legacy for a whopping 34 and 22 years respectively! Karen continues to manage our strong cohort of volunteers, while Brett is our accountant. However Lisa has also worked for Melbourne Legacy for the last 22 years, looking after our Junior Legacy public speaking events among other tasks.

Melbourne Legacy’s approach to 2021

As a team, we are committed to working together to achieve our vision of creating a society where no veteran’s family is disadvantaged by Service to our country, and with the team returning into the office, we are all ready and excited to work together to make 2021 a better year than the last.

Enjoy this image of Legacy House in the 1950’s. It may have changed a fair bit over the years but everyone who walks through those doors is still supported to this day and a part of the Legacy family!

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